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The origin of ice cream
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There are many theories about the origin of ice cream. In the following article we are going to talk about this question. I believe you can know more about ice cream.


In the West, it is said that in the 4th century BC, during the expedition to Egypt, Alexander the Great preserved the winter snow in the Alps and frozen the fruit or juice for consumption, thereby enhancing the morale of the soldiers. There are also records that the Palestinians used ice and snow in caves or valleys to drive away heat. Of all the arguments, the most convincing one still started in China. In 1292, Marco Polo wrote after he traveled in China, he recorded the recipe of his favorite frozen milk in Beijing and brought it back to Venice and spread it in northern Italy. The traditional frozen food from the East was introduced to the West via Marco Polo, and it was further developed and industrialized, thus giving birth to today's ice cream.


Although in China, frozen milk that has been eaten a long time ago was introduced to the West by Marco Polo. However, it is as popular all over the world as it is today when the first ‘Cafe Procope’ opened in Paris around 1660. The Italian Cotelli makes fruit juices with flavors added to oranges or lemons, then freezes them into ice fruit and sells it. But at this time, the ice crystals of the product are large, which is closer to frozen juice than ice cream. The first to make products with small and soft ice crystals like today's was started in 1774 by the royal chef of King Louis of France. At this time, it was called cream ice. Later, with the large use of concentrated milk, condensed milk, milk powder and other raw materials, it began to be called ice cream.

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