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The working principle of ice cream production line
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Ice Cream Extrusion Line is a frozen dairy product. Its physical structure is a complex physical and chemical system. Air bubbles are dispersed in a continuous liquid with ice crystals. This liquid contains fat particles, milk protein, insoluble salt, lactose crystals, Colloidal stabilizers and sucrose, lactose, soluble salts, such a three-phase system consisting of gas, liquid and solid phases can be regarded as partially frozen foam containing air. SDA-600 ice cream quick freezing tunnel is one of the important machines


working principle:

1. Production process: material handling system-plate heat exchanger-aging tank-water chiller-continuous freezing machine-ice cream filling machine.


(1) High degree of automation, convenient operation, can automatically complete mixing, sterilization, homogenization, cooling, aging, freezing, filling and other tasks. The operating system is controlled by electrical appliances.


(2) The convenience of developing new products. The material processing system can be used to directly put fruits and vegetables into the advanced high-shear homogenizer, which integrates mixing, dispersing, crushing and homogenization. It has good stability, and the puffing rate is as high as 100%. Delicate and smooth.

SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel


(3) Two-stage cooling, energy saving, reasonable distribution, and reducing the load of the refrigeration unit.


(4) Continuous freezing to ensure quality, adopt imported refrigeration accessories and frequency conversion speed regulation.


(5) Varieties of patterns are rich and colorful, changing parts of the filling machine can realize multi-variety changes; changing the production process can produce solidified yogurt.


Application areas:

The ice cream production line can produce cups, egg trays, stick ice cream, chocolate coated ice cream, nut ice cream, popsicles and other products.


Wuxi Danxiao Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, is an enterprise integrating development, design, research, production and sales of various ice cream production lines. The company has a full set of ice cream processing equipment. Including slices, fillings, ice cream cups, cones, sandwiches, etc. The SDA-600 ice cream quick-freezing tunnel function is powerful. The entire production process does not require manual operation and is fully automated. If you need our products, please contact us.

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