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Tips about automatic color ice cream machine
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The color ice cream machine is a machine that produces ice cream of various formulas. Its advantages are flexible movement and easy operation.



1. The ice cream machine can continuously produce ice cream of various formulas, and has the characteristics of flexible movement, easy operation and automatic production.


2. The main accessories are first-class products at home and abroad.


3. The materials that come into contact with ice cream are stainless steel, food rubber and food plastic, which meet the national health standards.


4. The noise is small.


5. Type I, the control system adopts safe voltage; Type II, temperature, refrigeration, stirring and other settings adopt touch-type digital control circuit.


6. The air-cooled condensation method is adopted, and the conditions can easily meet the requirements.

XGJ Automatic Color Ice Cream Machine


XGJ automatic color ice cream machine is a full-automatic multi-functional production line of color ice cream with cold source refrigeration system, which is mainly used to produce all kinds of stick-shaped ice cream with filling and coating. This machine has the functions of filling, suction, grouting, rod insertion, demolding (second demolding) coating forming, etc. It is equipped with high-concentration vacuum pump, dried fruit feeding table, and double vacuum pump, which can complete the production of various special ice creams. Color grouting, swing grouting, fruit shot grouting, etc. Using PLC control system, man-machine interface operation. It uses pneumatic transmission drive as the main equipment power. Transmit the electrical signal of the program to complete the program actions of the carts and manipulators with various functions. It adopts the form of strong circulation cold head exchange, and the cold and hot brine is compressed uniformly, which maximizes the production capacity of the equipment. In addition to basic functions, it can also use multi-functional color filling, conversion filling, straight double-color, top and bottom double-color filling, dry fruit feeding, dry fruit spraying, and double-color rotary filling. XGJ automatic color ice cream machine is the necessary equipment for large-scale, high-quality ice cream production. Dry fruit spray and two-color rotary filling molding.


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