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Transportation installation and system debugging of ice cream machine
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The installation, debugging and use of industrial ice cream equipment are actually very simple, but for first-time users, it is still necessary to explain here. I hope this article can give you some useful references.


1. Transportation of industrial ice cream equipment


In general, there are two types of packaging for industrial ice cream equipments, one is pure wood packaging, the other is carton packaging. No matter which packaging method is used, it is to facilitate the transportation and use of the machine. Since the general weight of the soft industrial ice cream equipment is about 150 kg-250 kg, it is impossible for one or two ordinary customers to carry it. Regular cargo stations will have forklifts for loading and unloading, but some small cargo stations do not have these equipment and can only rely on manual loading and unloading. Therefore, there will be potential damage to the industrial ice cream equipment during transportation. The most common is that the appearance of the industrial ice cream equipment has been bumped or has some scratches. I would like to remind customers and friends who bought the machine that these collisions and scratches are inevitable, and generally will not affect the use of the equipment itself, but serious scratches will have a certain impact on the appearance of the industrial ice cream equipment itself. This situation is generally rare. In this case, you can negotiate or settle claims with the freight company.

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The important thing to pay attention to during the handling of the industrial ice cream equipment is not to tilt more than 30 degrees. After tilting, it should be placed for a period of time before use. The main concern is the reflux of the refrigerant. Once the refrigerant returns to the compressor, it may damage the compressor of the industrial ice cream equipment when it is turned on. So please pay attention to the industrial ice cream equipment, do not lay it flat or carry it.

2. Installation of industrial ice cream equipment


Generally, the power requirements of industrial ice cream equipments used in China are mostly 220V/50HZ. Some foreign countries are 220V/60HZ, such as South Korea. Some are 110V/60HZ, such as Japan. If you want to bring a domestic machine for use abroad or a foreign machine for domestic use, after confirming the corresponding electrical requirements, you need to purchase the corresponding converter connection before you can use it. Before use, connect the wiring of the industrial ice cream equipment to the three plugs or directly connect to the air switch. When choosing the connection plug, pay attention to the rated input power of the industrial ice cream equipment. In addition, the industrial ice cream equipment using 380V power supply must be wired separately. Please confirm that your use place can meet the wiring requirements before purchasing.


3. industrial ice cream equipment refrigeration system test


After the power connection is completed, the industrial ice cream equipment can be debugged next. Please disinfect and clean the industrial ice cream equipment before commissioning.

industrial ice cream equipment

After the industrial ice cream equipment is cleaned, turn on the power, turn on the switch of the industrial ice cream equipment, the digital tube displays 00, and press the start button (when there is no feeding). At this time, the number on the LED digital display board of the industrial ice cream equipment will change, and the compressor will start to sound for about 5 seconds. Then observe whether the number on the digital tube will change upward (if it is a temperature-controlled digital tube, the temperature will continue to change downward). When continuous changes occur, it indicates that the refrigeration system is operating normally. At this time, it should be shut down immediately, because long-term operation without material will cause the freezing cylinder. If there is no change for a long time, there is a problem with the refrigeration system or a problem with the control board circuit. For industrial ice cream equipments without digital tubes or if the digital tube control circuit is damaged, the most effective way to check whether the refrigeration system is operating normally is to insert the distribution valve body of the industrial ice cream equipment (the front receiving raft) and take out the mixing shaft. It can be judged by touching the refrigerating cylinder to feel the temperature change when starting up and running.


If the industrial ice cream equipment refrigerates normally, you can directly pour the adjusted ice cream slurry into the machine for the initial production test machine. At this time, the softness of the ice cream needs to be adjusted. Adjust the softness and hardness to normal needs, and then normal business and sales can be carried out.

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