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Who invented ice cream
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Ice cream is the "hero" that saves everyone's taste buds in the heat. Do you know how it came from?


The birth of ice cream can be traced back to more than a thousand years ago.

Did the ancients also eat ice cream?

Yes, the ancients also ate ice cream, which is pure fruit.


Statement 1: Ice cream comes from Datang


The tradition of eating cold drinks in my country can be traced back to more than 3,000 years ago. In the Book of Songs, there has long been a record of slaves cutting ice and storing them in winter for the nobles to enjoy in summer.


Ice cream sprouted in the Tang Dynasty more than 1,000 years ago. At that time, its name was "Sushan". The bottom of Sushan was ice, covered with cream, ghee, and decorated with flowers and colorful trees. It is the product of the combination of northern nomads and the Central Plains diet.

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In the Song Dynasty, ice cream evolved into "ice cream". People mixed juice, herbal tea, ice cubes and other ingredients, such as "Sugar Bingxue Lengyuanzi" from Bianjing of the Northern Song Dynasty and "Snow Soaked Bean Water" from Lin'an of the Southern Song Dynasty. , "Snow Pao Plum Wine" and so on. At this time, there were many types of ice drinks, and they were no longer confined to the nobles, but began to flow into the civilian population. "It seems greasy but cool, it is condensed and I want to float; the jade comes to the bottom of the plate and the snow disappears by the mouth." It is the ice cream that is flourishing at this time.


Later, Marco Polo traveled to China and brought "ice cream" to Europe.


Myth 2: Ice cream comes from Arabia in the Middle Ages


In another theory, ice cream was born in medieval Arabia. It is said that the Arabs at that time loved figs, tried various ways to eat them, and used ice cubes to increase its cooling sensation in summer. This is the embryonic form of modern ice cream-sherbet.

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The original sherbet consisted only of pure juice and ice cubes, and the ice crystal particles were relatively large. Later, some custard and milk ingredients were initially added, but the content was also very small, not exceeding 3%, in order to ensure the fruity aroma and refreshing taste.


In Italy in the seventeenth century, the custard and milk ingredients were completely eliminated, made from pure fruit juice, and developed from sherbet to sorbet. Sorbet is very low in calories and has a refreshing taste. It is deeply loved by people, making it a must-have between the first dish and the main dish in traditional western dishes.


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