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Why ice cream prices are getting higher and higher
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A small piece of ice cream, the industry is also surging. From ordinary small puddings to various fancy products with no additives, low fat, health, and joint names. There are more and more categories, and prices are gradually rising.


According to survey data from the China Catering Industry Association, in 2014, the size of China’s ice cream market was only 70.8 billion yuan, and in 2019 it rapidly increased to nearly 138 billion yuan. The market size is firmly ranked first in the world, and it is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan in 2021. The popularity of ice cream is unabated, and the market can be expected.


1. Cold chain blessing, diversified retail channels


In the past, ice cream was subject to seasonal and transportation conditions, and it was retailed in offline supermarkets and convenience stores.


According to the "Analysis of the Current Market Status and Development Prospects of China's Cold Chain Logistics Industry in 2021" data show that in 2019, the market size of China's cold chain logistics industry is about 339.1 billion yuan, an increase of 50.52 billion yuan over 2018 and a year-on-year increase of 17.5%. It is predicted that by 2021, the market size of China's cold chain logistics industry will exceed 411.7 billion yuan.

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The development and improvement of cold chain logistics has promoted changes in ice cream sales. Online retail has gradually become a popular method, and it has also provided emerging brands with opportunities for overtaking in corners.


2. Break the conventional products


After opening up the online and offline channels, how to build a more complete brand image, from product to brand, firmly grasp the preferences of consumers?


Variety of flavors, unconventional


According to CBNData's "2019 Online Ice Cream Consumption Insights", niche flavors have risen rapidly, and the proportion of consumption has increased year by year. Salty ice creams such as sea salt and salted egg yolk are also becoming more and more popular. Bubble milk tea flavor is the fastest growing in 2019 Fast niche taste.


Many brands have kept up with the craze, launched a lot of eager flavors, and set off a wave of punch cards on the Internet. For example, McDonald’s oily spiced ice cream and Aoxue’s northeast iron pan stewed ice cream, these novel flavors of ice cream are also the reasons why many people share and decide to buy.

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The co-branding trend continues


In addition to unconventional tastes, the brand uses joint names to attract consumers to discuss, create enthusiasm, and expand influence, which is also a characteristic publicity method under the new consumption situation.


The rapid development of the ice cream market is both an opportunity and a challenge. In a stable market structure, if a brand wants to break out of the siege again, it will inevitably need new elements. With excellent product quality, novel flavors combined with interesting marketing may be the first choice of consumers.


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