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You know nothing about the born of ice cream!
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Having been in the ice cream business for so many years, have you ever been confused that How did the "face" of baby face ice cream be made? How does the ice cream chocolate crispy get it? How is sandwich ice cream made? Let's reveal how ice cream was born today!

 SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel

1. Preparation of feed liquid

No matter what kind of ice cream product, it has to go through this process. The taste of the liquid produced in this step basically establishes the taste of the ice cream later.


After raw material pretreatment, mixing heating, and sterilization by the ice cream equipment, it will enter a step called homogenization.


2. Homogenization

Homogenization is the process of turning big fat particles into small fat particles, which also makes the emulsifier work better. If no emulsifier is added, the ice cream will have a series of problems such as ice crystals and bad taste.The next step is to wait for the material liquid to cool down, and then let the material liquid stand for a period of time "aging", and then enter other steps.


3. Making different kinds of ice cream


①Cup ice cream and crisp cone ice cream:

Cup-shaped ice cream and crispy cone ice cream are the easiest to imagine, just put them into the cup after they are ready. The prepared material liquid is frozen by frozen ice cream equipment, aerated, and then filled. Generally, nuts, dried fruits, etc. are added, which is added in this step. It can be poured into a cup or in a crisp tube.


②Sandwich ice cream:

How is the filling in the middle of the ice cream filled? This involves an interesting method called grouting and core injection.


First fill the shell liquid of the sandwich ice cream into a mold, and then enter the frozen ice cream equipment. Ice cream freezing is carried out on the production line, and it is not frozen immediately, it is a process.


In the process of freezing, the outer layer will freeze first. At this time, use a suction device to suck out the unfrozen material in the middle, thus forming a semi-closed shell, then inject the core material into the shell, and then insert the rod After the ice cream assembly line runs for a while and freezes some, the core material is covered with the material liquid of the shell, and the sandwich ice cream is ready.


③Crispy ice cream and sandwich ice cream:

Whether it is ice cream that needs to be demolded or sliced ice cream with a baby face, the principle of dipping the crispy skin is the same, that is, immersing the ice cream in the melted chocolate at about 40°C. Due to the temperature difference, the layer of chocolate attached to the surface of the ice cream is just A crispy skin was formed.


4. wrap up and store

Since the ice cream produced by the factory will not be eaten immediately, it will be further frozen and hardened. It enters into a frozen ice cream equipment with a temperature of -30°C for hardening, which makes the product structure more stable and also increases the melting resistance. Then there is packaging and storage.


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