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Come and see the advanced cone ice cream filling machine
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It is getting hotter. Ice cream is very suitable for the summer heat. There are many types of ice cream on the market, such as cup, cone, mini, etc., to meet the preferences and needs of different consumers. Among them, cone ice cream can not only enjoy the sweetness of ice cream, but also the crispness of omelets. Market sales are very high. Therefore, in its production process, the help of the production line is essential.


The cone ice cream has won the favor of many consumers with its unique taste. When making ice cream, cones are an important raw material. So, how are cones produced on the production line?


At present, there are mainly two kinds of cone production lines. One is the crimping process, which uses an injection device to squeeze a fixed amount of batter onto a continuous baking pan. After baking, using high softness, use molding equipment to quickly roll up and finalize the shape, and then cool on the cooling line. This production method is suitable for the production of crispy cones, but some people like to eat cones with low crispness, which requires another production method.


Another production process is to directly use the injection device to inject the raw material liquid into the fixed mold, and then use the gas for heating and baking. This processing method finalizes the shape of the newly completed cone, and then uses a cutting device to cut off the irregular part on the edge to complete the production. The two production processes have different technical principles and different production requirements. Companies can choose according to their needs.

 BGJ-6A Ice Cream Filling Machine

After the cone is made, the ice cream needs to be filled. At this time, a cone ice cream filling machine is needed. Cone ice cream filling machine is an equipment specially used for batch ice cream cones.


Danxiao Machinery’s cone ice cream filling machine is equipped with automatic cup dropping, cup arrangement, internal chocolate spraying, ice cream filling, nut sprinkling, jam adding, chocolate dripping, garland, capping, capping (heat sealing) Workstation and product delivery, etc.


We can also design special workstations according to customer requirements. Our cone ice cream filling machine is well-shaped and easy to clean. With the characteristics of large output and uniform product specifications, it is currently China's advanced ice cream filling equipment. If you want to know more about the cone ice cream filling machine, please contact us!

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