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Different classifications and benefits of ice cream
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In addition to soft ice cream and hard ice cream, ice cream has many other different classifications. Ice cream is not only delicious but also have many benefits for us. If you are interested, then read on with me.


1. According to the main ingredients of ice cream


Milk ice cream: The ice cream made mainly from "milk" has a smooth and refreshing taste.


Yogurt ice cream: ice cream dessert made with yogurt ice cream machine using "yogurt" ice cream powder or slurry as raw material. Enriched with active probiotics, it helps improve immunity. It is now very popular in European and American countries and has begun to be popular in China.


Fruit and vegetable ice cream: a soft ice cream made from a combination of fresh milk and fresh jam.


Sundae: The sundae is a soft ice cream made with "mixed ingredients" such as milk, candy meat, fruit juice, jam, and cream. Some sundaes also have egg yolk, strawberry, cherry, chocolate, peach and other flavors.


ice cream

2. According to the ingredients of the ice cream


Ice cream can be divided into fruit ice cream, vegetable and plant ice cream, nut ice cream and others.


Ice cream is a food containing high-quality protein, high sugar and high fat, rich in high-quality protein, lactose, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and other nutrients The ingredients and other biologically active substances that are extremely beneficial to humans have the functions of regulating physiological functions and balancing human osmotic pressure and pH.


According to the data, according to international and national product standards, the nutrient content of general cream ice cream is 2.8-3 times that of milk, and its digestibility in the human body can reach more than 95%, which is higher than that of meat and fat.


Ice cream contains sugar, which is composed of lactose in milk and various fruit juices, fructose and sucrose in fruit syrup. The organic acids, tannins and various vitamins in it can provide the human body with the nutrients it needs.


The fat contained in ice cream mainly comes from milk and eggs. There is more lecithin, which can release choline, which is helpful for improving people's memory. The fat-soluble vitamins in fat are also easily absorbed by the body.


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