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The difference between ice cream powder and milk
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To produce the high quality ice cream which made by ice cream equipment, the ice cream ingredient is a very important factor. The common ingredient is ice cream powder or the milk. But many people maybe can’t tell the difference between them. Today we are going to talk about the difference between ice cream powder and milk. If you are interested, just read the following article.

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First, let's take a look at the ingredients of ice cream


Ice cream ingredients are mainly of dairy products, milk fat, fat milk solids sweeteners flavoring, spice colorant, pigment emulsifying stabilizer and other additives.So no matter ice cream powder or milk plasma, the basic role of the contain ingredients of them is to make frozen desserts by freezing.


The difference is only in the composition. Ice cream powder contains less fat. To be exact, it contains relatively little milk fat. The low end ice cream powder doesn't even contain any dairy fat at all. Instead, it replaces fat with plants, which you can see on the ingredients list. This is of course a way to reduce costs, and flavors can have some impact depending on the manufacturer's recipe. However, the milk is relatively high in milk fat, and because milk is used instead of water as a liquid, it tastes better than ice cream powder.


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