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The difference between soft ice cream and hard ice cream
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In the summer, I believe everyone likes ice cream. The ice cream is sweet and delicious, bringing refreshment to the people on a hot summer day. I think you must have heard that ice cream has hard ice cream and soft ice cream, so do you know what is the difference between the two of them?

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1. Soft ice cream

Soft ice cream was invented by Italians. The best ice cream in Italy is Sicilian ice cream. People who have been there can not only enjoy the deliciousness of ice cream, but also enjoy the strong culture of ice cream there. Those who have tasted are all shocked and amazed.


There are many soft ice creams that will be made on the spot. These soft ice creams look softer, the grain of the ice is more delicate and soft, and the taste is more delicious. Whether in China or in the world, Italian ice cream is the main representative of high-end ice cream, because These ice creams are more and more popular because they are healthy, fashionable and low in calories.


2. Hard ice cream

Hard ice cream was invented by Americans before it was introduced into China. It was mainly processed in factories and frozen to be sold in stores. Therefore, it can be seen from the appearance that it is relatively hard. There are generally two kinds of hard ice cream. One is that we sell it in the freezer. Stick ice cream, also known as small package ice cream, small package ice cream is relatively sweet, generally at 18-20 degrees, the central temperature is about 15-18 °C, beautiful packaging, easy to eat, this product is generally produced by large cold drink factories. Hard ice cream production process requirements will be higher than soft ice cream, and the physical sense is slightly stronger than soft ice cream.


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