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Let's explore the puffing rate of ice cream
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Is the puffing rate of ice cream be higher, then be better? In fact, according to common sense, the fact is not so, everything should have a degree. Today, I will take you explore the puffing rate of ice cream, you may know more information about the ice cream puffing rate after reading this article.

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When we talked with the customer about the expansion rate and the performance of ice cream equipment, we all said that the ice cream equipment with a high puffing rate is better. It is true that when the ice cream raw material put into the refrigeration tank, the temperature drops rapidly, some of the air through the expansion tube into the refrigeration tank and the ice cream slurry are uniformly frozen together, intuitively we feel that the ice cream has puffed. Since the faster the ice cream equipment is cooled, the more obvious this effect will be, we generally say that ice cream equipment with a high puffing rate is better.


However, if the puffing rate is too high, the taste will become very empty, like cotton candy, without the reality of ice cream. Therefore, the puffing rate of ice cream should be naturally increased through the refrigeration process, and should not be artificially intervened to become excessively high.


So, how to control the puffing rate of ice cream is actually a comprehensive problem. There are many factors affecting the puffing rate in automatic ice cream production line, such as sugar content, the viscosity of ingredients, the treatment of ingredients like homogenization and aging, the performance of the ice cream freezer machine, etc. These factors will have a certain impact on the puffing.


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