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Why ice cream become coarse during storage?
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Sometimes we can't sell all the ice cream made by ice cream equipment at once, so we have to store the rest of them. At this point, some problems may arise during the storage of the ice cream. Today, we're going to talk about why ice cream made by ice cream equipment gets coarse. If you are interested, just keep reading. You won't be disappointed.

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The problem of coarse ice cream is caused by Lactose crystals, which do not dissolve readily and produce a rough or gritty sensation in the mouth. It may be caused by:
1. Insufficient total solids (high water content).
2. Insufficient protein.
3. Insufficient stabilizer or poor stabilizer.
4. Insufficient homogenizing pressure (due to its effect on fat structure formation).
5. Insufficient aging of the mix (stabilizer hydration, also fat crystallization and development of resulting fat structure).
6. Slow freezing because of mechanical condition of freezer.
7. Incorporation of air as large cells because of physical characteristics of mix or type of freezer used.
8. Slow hardening.
9. Rehardening soft ice cream.
10. Pumping ice cream too far from continuous freezer before hardening.
11. Fluctuating storage room temperatures.
12. The fluctuating temperatures during storage and distribution. It usually be the most likely cause!

The coarse texture can be prevented by many of the same factors that inhibit iciness:

1. Hardening the ice cream quickly
2. Maintaining low storage room temps.
3. Preventing temperature fluctuations, from manufacturer to consumer.


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