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Misunderstanding in the process of ice cream equipment
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In the process of using the ice cream equipment, we need to pay attention to many situation. But do you know there also have some misunderstanding in our mind? The following article will tell you some of the misunderstanding in the process of ice cream equipment which can make you know if you have think about the question in a wrong way.

 ice cream equipment

1. The more water you add, the more ice cream you get.

the more water you add, the more ice cream you get. This is a misunderstanding. The number of baked cakes is only related to the swelling rate. In the hope of making more profits, individual operators deliberately increase the proportion of water in the hope of increasing the production of ice cream. In fact, if you add too much water, you will dilute the active ingredients of the ice cream machine, thus reducing its concentration, which will eventually reduce the swelling rate of the ice cream, the actual amount of the cake will be less; And too much water is easy to appear ice residue, destroy the original ice cream smooth taste; When it is serious, it will cause freezing cylinder and damage the machine.


2. Whether the ice cream is hygienic depends on the raw material

Many people think that the health and safety of ice cream only depends on the choice and use of raw materials, in fact, this is also a misunderstanding, the health of ice cream not only depends on the raw materials, but also depends on the ice cream equipment.

Ice cream paste is very easy to remain in the rough place and gaps. Ice cream paste belonging to dairy products will breed a large number of harmful bacteria after room temperature and overnight, which will not only harm the health of ice cream consumers, but also the operators will face huge compensation, business risks, and even serious criminal risks.


3. The ice cream equipment with pasteurization may not be cleaned for a long time

In soft-serve ice cream making, pasteurization is limited to the simple sterilization of pastes in the ice cream freezer machine, or the storage bowl of the ice cream freezer machine. But for the discharge valve that can touch the paste or cake, it is difficult to do the basic sterilization, belongs to the dead end of sterilization. In addition, the discharge pipeline is also extremely difficult to achieve effective sterilization. Therefore, even if it is more than 10, 200 thousand imported ice cream machine, also need to do a thorough cleaning after the use of the machine every day, there is no ice cream machine only through the pre-cooling function or sleep function can be on the overnight preservation of the slurry.


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