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The detail of ice cream equipment operation
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Ice cream is an essential summer drink for both adults and children on a hot summer day. Ice cream equipment is an important part of ice cream production. The reasonable use and daily maintenance of ice cream equipment are related to the daily operation of ice cream. Today, I would like to share you the detail of ice cream equipment operation.

 Ice cream equipment

1. In the process of making ice cream, we should be at any time to observe whether the slurry in the storage cylinder is sufficient. If there is no slurry in the cylinder, and the ice cream equipment has been refrigerated, it is easy to cause the frozen cylinder. So when there is no slurry in the storage cylinder, we should immediately add ice cream slurry.


2. During the sales process, when the production volume is large, the expansion tube in the storage cylinder can be temporarily pulled out. Because the amount of slurry flowing into the freezer cylinder through the expansion tube is less than the amount flowing out from the valve body in the ice cream freezer machine, the air is easy to enter into the Ice cream freezer machine, resulting in the freezing cylinder of the machine. When normal production is resumed, the expanded tube should be inserted back immediately


3. If the ice cream equipment has two storage cylinder, we should keep the slurry on both sides relatively flat,so as not to cause the cylinder to freeze.


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