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Are you interested in ice cream extrusion line?
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You know there's an amazing machine that makes ice cream very quickly. It's an ice cream extruder, the ice cream extrusion line. What's more amazing is that if different things are added to the process of ice cream extrusion line, different ice creams will be produced. For example: log ice cream, color ice cream, cake ice cream, sandwich ice cream, swing ice cream or any other alternative ice cream.

There are a lot of unexpected things about the ice cream extrusion line. Firstly, the ice cream comes in a variety of shapes, making it more fun to eat. Secondly, the ice cream produced by the ice cream extrusion line tastes very good and does not melt easily even in hot summer. Finally, a good ice cream extrusion line produces ice cream in fairly good sanitary condition. Then how did the colored ice cream come out? It is very simple. We can get the delicious and beautiful colored ice cream by adding various natural pigments into the ice cream extrusion line.

Danxiao ice cream extrusion line

Wuxi Danxiao machinery co., ltd. is a famous ice cream machine factory, the production of ice cream extruder has reached the international advanced technology level. It is in line with international standards and the domestic and foreign buyers have recognized. The mechanical design and manufacturing engineers of Danxiao have years of experience in the ice cream machinery industry, and on-site production engineers have also accumulated rich on-site quality monitoring experience in the production process. So based on various, the quality and hygiene of danxiao can be guaranteed.

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