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Features of ice cream freezing machine
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If we want to eat delicious ice cream, there is one step we can’t miss which is the freezing of ice cream. The article below will tell you the features of ice cream freezing machine.

Ice Cream Freezing Machine

1. The ice cream freezing machine adopts the fully enclosed compressor and the mixing cylinder adopts the sandwich refrigerant "S" type direct flow refrigeration design, which has the advantages of low energy consumption and large refrigerating capacity.

2. Moreover, the start-up refrigeration time of ice cream freezing machine is shorter, and the first batch of discharging is faster.

3. Stirring cylinder of ice cream freezing machine has the unique arc corner cleaning.

4. The ice cream freezing machine makes more use of high-quality stainless steel materials. The appearance of ice cream freezing machine is simple and generous.

5. The ice cream freezing machine uses the electronic numerical control module, which is automatically controlled and has the function of discharging counting. And the ice cream hardness can be adjusted at any time.

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