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Something you need to know about ice cream ingredient
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We all know that if we want to produce delicious ice cream, there is one material we couldn’t forget. It is the ice cream ingredient. Choose one good ice cream ingredient can make you produce the high quality ice cream from the ice cream equipment. So the following article will talk about something you need to know about ice cream ingredient.

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Ice cream powder is the most common and widely used ice cream ingredient in the market. At present many manufacturers and brands of ice cream on the market, the price is different. Ice cream powder is mixed with water in proportion because aging is generally not required. Therefore, it is more convenient to use, low cost, easy to transport and storage, but in the mixing process to pay attention to hygiene, to avoid secondary pollution.


Fresh raw pulp shelf life in about a week, except production and transportation links, to the customer's hands shelf life is about 4 days, but also because of different brands and different processing methods, shelf life is different. We need two freezers for storage. Raw pulp made from milk tastes good, but it costs a lot. The cost of using aseptic packaging for milk is high because it does not require refrigeration and is easy to store and transport.


Ice cream powder and milk pulp both compared, from the taste, ice cream powder taste less than milk pulp. So they will be used together, and it is absolutely the effect you want. The ratio of ice cream ingredients to water must be standard. Too much water will damage the belt of the ice cream equipment mixer and increase the noise. There is too little water for ice cream to form. The temperature of the pulp is too low or too high will affect the normal use of the ice cream equipment. The next day, the remaining raw pulp was frozen and could not be directly put into the machine. It had to be mixed with the needed raw pulp before it could enter the ice cream equipment.


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