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What should be paid attention to during ice cream production process?
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We all know that ice cream is mixed by the milk,eggs,sweeteners, spices, stabilizers, food coloring and so on. The high quality ice cream is smooth and without coarse crystal particles and also has the high puffing rate. But many manufacturers simply pursue the production of ice cream in the process of making ice cream, and often neglect the key production link. In order to avoid quality defects in the process of making ice cream, the key link must be firmly grasped. The article will talk about what should be paid attention to during ice cream production process,read the following article now.

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1. Homogenization process

In the production process of ice cream, the homogenization function is to pass the sterilized raw materials into the homogenizer for high pressure, so that the number of milk and fat pellets in the mixture will be broken and increased, and the oil and water emulsification will be improved, so as to obtain uniform mixing raw materials. This can make the ice cream more delicate tissue, the body lubrication soft, increase the stability and durability, improve the expansion rate, reduce ice crystals.


2. Cooling process

The mixture should be cooled to the aging temperature immediately after homogenization. In the process of making ice cream, it is necessary to prevent the fat from being separated because of the high temperature of the mixture, and to avoid the ice crystals produced when the mixture is cooled too low.


3. Aging process

In the process of production, aging is to refrigerate the mixture at a low temperature of 0 ~ 4℃ for a certain period of time, so as to increase the viscosity of the mixture, so as to improve the expansion rate during freezing and stirring. The aging time is related to the temperature, as the temperature decreases, the aging time is shortened. If at 2 ~ 4℃, aging should be continued. At 0 ~ 1℃, 2h is enough. But if the aging temperature is higher, even if the extension of time will not have a good effect. By aging, some of the bad smells in the liquid can be evaporated, thus making the ice cream taste pure and soft.


4. Freezing process

Freezing is an important link in the process of making ice cream. Ice cream mixture decreases in temperature due to the effect of refrigerant and gradually thickens into a frozen state. In the freezing process, the quality of the equipment determines the quality of the product. To produce high quality ice cream, the freezing machine should have the functions of good inflation, quick freezing, fine scraping and clean. By freezing, the ice crystal of the product is fine and smooth.


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