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make ice cream at home
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The main raw material for making ice cream is cream. This kind of ice cream tastes smooth and refreshing. You can also add favorite fruits, dried fruits, etc. Active probiotics can help improve immunity, and yogurt ice cream is also very popular.


Ice cream is very refreshing in summer. The sweet taste and icy taste make many people love it. Today we use the most homely method to make silky ice cream.


1. Beat three eggs in a bowl, pick out the egg yolk, leave the egg whites for the stir-fry, add 20g sugar and 15ml milk to the egg yolk, and mix well.


2. Then put it on a gas stove and heat it up on a low fire. Stir until the egg yolk paste is fine and thick. At this time, the egg yolk is also cooked and it is fine and thick. Let the egg yolk paste cool.


3. Prepare 200ml of whipped cream, add 20g of white sugar and whip until the volume of the cream becomes larger and the lines are clear. Just lift the big appliance and have a small sharp corner.

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4. Take half of the cream and add it to the egg yolk paste, stir well, then add to the remaining cream and stir until it is fine and thick. In this state, a large part of the ice cream is ready.


5. Then pour the ice cream paste into a bowl, shake the surface flat, shake out large bubbles, cover with plastic wrap and freeze in the refrigerator for more than 3 hours, so that the ice cream is ready.


In this method, the ingredients and steps are simple, there is no ice residue, the texture is soft, it melts in the mouth, and the milk is rich in a bite.


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