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How to make the ice cream equipment work longer
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If we want to eat different kinds of delicious ice cream, we need to depend on the ice cream equipment. The ice cream equipment can produce different kinds, colors and flavors of ice cream which can meet the needs of different consumers. Ice cream has become an indispensable food in our life.

ice cream equipment 

How to use ice cream equipment correctly to make it work longer? The following article will talk about this question.


1. Do not allow water and other conductive objects into the ice cream equipment to prevent damage to the machine.


2. The tilt angle of the ice cream equipment should not exceed 45 degrees during transportation and normal use.


3. When the ice cream equipment is working, do not put foreign matter into the air outlet and the feeding port.


4. When there is no raw material in the cold bar of the ice cream freezer machine, the ice cream equipment cannot run without air, or the mixer will be easily damaged.


5. The ice cream equipment should be operated indoors, keep the indoor ventilation well and avoid direct sunlight, and keep the air inlet more than 50CM away from obstacles.


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