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Danxiao Machinery-The most popular automatic ice cream production line
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In the automatic ice cream production line, the components that have the greatest impact on the quality of ice cream include sterilizer, homogenizer, freezer, and ice cream quick frozen tunnel. Practice shows that it is impossible to produce high quality ice cream without good ice cream equipment. Let us take a brief look at some of these devices together:

 ice cream quick frozen tunnel

1. Sterilizer

More advanced cold drink factories mostly use high-temperature short-term pasteurization devices to automate continuous sterilization of the mixture. The biggest feature of the high-temperature short-term pasteurization device is the good sterilization effect, the mixture is heated for a short time, especially the dairy ingredients are less affected by thermal denaturation, thus ensuring the quality of the product.


2. Homogenizer

The ice cream mixture is crushed by the first-stage homogenization valve (high-pressure valve) to reach 1~2μm, and then passed through the second-stage homogenization valve (low-pressure valve) to achieve dispersion, so as to ensure that the fat balls in the physical structure of ice cream reach The specified size. It makes the tissue delicate and smooth, so the quality of the homogenizer has a direct impact on the quality of the ice cream.


3. Ice cream freezing machine

Ice cream freezing machine is the key mechanical equipment for making ice cream products with mixture.The continuous ice cream freezing machine is more commonly used in modern ice cream production. The ice cream made by it is evenly and finely lubricated, while achieving continuous and efficient production capacity.


4. Ice cream quick frozen tunnel

The quality of ice cream quick frozen tunnel has a crucial impact on the final quality of the product. Rapid hardening means less melting, the ice crystals in the tissue are fine, and the finished product is fine and smooth. If the hardening is slow, it will partially melt, the crystals of ice will be large, the finished product will be rough, and the quality will be poor.


For this reason, more advanced production plants currently use ice cream quick frozen tunnels. Due to the rapid hardening and low temperature, the ice cream has a stable shape, small crystals, and a fine and smooth texture.


Danxiao Machinery has the most popular automatic ice cream production line. The automatic ice cream production line we provide has high quality and can produce delicious ice cream. Hey! Don’t hesitate to contact with us! We won’t let you down.

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