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The difference between soft ice cream and stick ice cream
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We all know that the ice cream have many typessuch as cone ice cream, soft ice cream, stick ice cream, color ice cream and so on. Of course, there are Corresponding ice cream equipment that make these different kinds of ice cream.

 Stick Ice Cream Machine

But do you know the difference between these types of ice cream? Today we will talk about two of them: the soft ice cream and stick ice cream. Let me tell you the difference between them.

1. Different center temperature

When selling the stick ice cream, the center temperature is generally between -12°C and 13°C. While soft ice cream usually has a center temperature of -5°C.

2. Dry matter content is different

Stick ice cream made by stick ice cream machine about 35% dry matter, the palate is smooth and mellow. It tastes a little more physical than soft ice cream. But soft ice cream is about 30% dry matter, taste delicate and smooth.

3. Different process requirements

Stick ice cream has higher process requirements than soft ice cream because it has a freezing process between production and sale. Soft ice cream is made from the ice cream equipment after the ice cream, do now selling ice cream, so the process requirements are relatively simple.

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