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Production process of soft ice cream
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There are many different kinds of ice cream to choose. There is always one you like. There is a difference in the taste of ice cream as well as the coolness. This is probably the reason why ice cream conquers the summer and conquers you and me. Let's talk about the production process of soft ice cream today.

ice cream equipment

The secret of ice cream lines in the expansion rate of ice cream in the process of soft ice cream production, the puffing rate is generally in the 50%-90%. The higher the puffing rate, the more smooth the ice cream produced by the soft ice cream equipment, and even to a certain extent, the ice cream produced by the reverse will not fall, called non-pouring ice cream. In the same way, to make stick ice cream, you have to reduce the puffing rate.

The ice cream equipment of Wuxi Danxiao Machinery co., LTD. can give ice cream continuously, and you don’t need to wait. The ice cream equipment can adjust air pump, control raw material to expand speed through the technology of expanding. On this basis, Danxiao Machinery soft ice cream equipment has the function of cold and pre-cooling, automatic return and puffing air pump which are more worthy of consumer trust. Come and contact with us now!

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