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The reason why ice cream doesn’t shaping well
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There are many factors affect the quality of ice cream. Do you know what are the factors and why will these factors affect the ice cream quality? This article will talk about the reason why ice cream made by ice cream equipment doesn’t shaping well. If you are interested about this question, just read the following article.

 Ice Cream Freezing Machine

Soft ice cream equipment in use will often pour out the product which is too soft, so that the ice cream can not be formed or doesn’t shaping well. Soft ice cream poured in the temperature of -7~-8 degrees the best consistency, the best molding. This temperature is achieved by the refrigerated cylinder refrigeration system, which is controlled by the current of the mixing motor. For some soft-serve ice cream equipment, when the control current reaches 1.8A, both the refrigeration compressor and the mixing motor stop working.


After eliminating the reasons of improper mixing of milk, too soft setting of product viscosity and too fast pouring speed, it is necessary to check whether there is a mechanical fault in the soft ice cream equipment unit.


First of all, check whether the scraper in the freezer is damaged. The scraper is badly worn or damaged, so it is not possible to scrape down the products that reach the temperature standard on the wall of the frozen cylinder, so that the poured products are too soft.


Secondly, the air cooling condenser is generally used in soft-ice cream cooling system. If there is not enough cooling space around the unit due to the limitation of installation space, or if there is too much ash accumulated on the condenser, the heat transfer effect of the condenser will be reduced, and the refrigeration compressor will even stop.


Check the wear of the scraper regularly and replace it in time. Soft ice cream equipment unit should be installed in strict accordance with the installation requirements, to maintain adequate cooling air, the condenser should be as far as possible in a well-ventilated position, and regularly clean the condenser.


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