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4 common problems in the production of ice cream
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Hey! I believe it is difficult for us to produce the high quality ice cream. Because we will meet many different kinds of problems in the production of ice cream. Today, we will talk about 4 common problems in the production of ice cream. If you are interested, just read the following article.

 ice cream equipment

1.Ice cream made by ice cream equipment has fluffy texture: It feels like a spongy or a marshmallow. The cause of this result may be:

a) Incorporation of large amount of air.

b) Low total solids.

c) Low stabilizer content.


2. The ice cream body is crumbly:

a) High overrun together with large air cells.

b) Low stabilizer or emulsifier.

c) Low total solids.

d) Low protein.


3. Ice cream made by ice cream equipment has gummy body: This defect is the opposite of crumbly in that it imparts a pasty or putty-like body. It is caused by:

a) Too low an overrun.

b) Too much stabilizer.

c) Poor stabilizer.


4. Ice cream made by ice cream equipment has weak body: Ice cream lacks "chewiness" and melts quickly into a watery liquid. Gives people impression of lacking richness. May be caused by:

a) Low total solids.

b) High overrun.

c) Insufficient stabilizer.


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