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Classification of ice cream
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Ice cream is a very attractive and delicious frozen dairy product. So what are its classifications?


Soft and hard

Hard ice cream: The expansion rate of hard ice cream is 30%-60%, and the hardening molding is to facilitate packaging and transportation.


Soft ice cream: There is no hardening process in the production process of soft ice cream, and the expansion rate is 80%-100%. Generally, it can be made and sold in an ice cream machine. Generally, a soft ice cream contains more air (about 1.6 times) than a hard ice cream of the same volume; soft ice cream that has not been hardened will also be more creamy. Soft ice cream was developed by Joseph Lyon Food Company in the 1930s. (J. Lyons and Co.), the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who worked at the company as a pharmacist at the time, was also involved in the development of soft ice cream emulsifiers.


According to the main ingredients

Creamy ice cream: It is mainly made of "cream" as the raw material. The taste is smooth and refreshing, but it also contains the high calories of cream and other hazards.

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Yogurt ice cream: an ice cream dessert made with yogurt ice cream machine using "yogurt" ice cream powder or slurry as raw material. Enriched with active probiotics, it helps to improve immunity. It is very popular in European and American countries and has begun to be popular in China.


Fruit and vegetable ice cream: a soft ice cream that uses a combination of "fresh milk and fresh jam".


Sundae: The sundae is a soft ice cream (some sundaes also have egg yolks) made from a "mix of multiple ingredients" such as milk, candy meat, juice, jam, and cream. There are strawberry, cherry, chocolate, peach and other flavors.


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