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Common malfunction of ice cream equipment
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When we used ice cream equipment, there always comes to many malfunction.Some people can’t find out the reason caused to these problems and don’t know how to solve them. Today we will talk about the common malfunction of ice cream equipment.Take mixing cylinder phenomenon and frozen cylinder phenomenon as the example.

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These tow phenomenon are mainly the case of double cylinder single ice cream equipment. Two ice cream export out of the ice cream soft and hard degree is different, one is more hard, one is more soft. The reason is abnormal compressor refrigeration. Probably is the refrigeration part passage, causes the refrigeration uneven.

1. Mixing cylinder phenomenon of ice cream equipment

If it turns out that strawberry ice cream in one freezer ends up in matcha ice cream in another. From the color can be found significantly, is not what you want. This is the mixing phenomenon. The reason is that the machine head is broken, it has the lack of pressure and the material was supposed to spit out sucked in.

2. Frozen cylinder phenomenon of ice cream equipment

The material in the ice cream freezer machine are all frozen, so there is no material poured out . This is because the machine cooling so well! The setting of refrigeration parameters and gear is too high. If the running current of ice cream equipment is adjusted to 6.0, it must be frozen cylinder.

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