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The difference between different prices of ice cream
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Speaking of ice cream machines, I think many people know, so today we will tell you what is the difference between a few thousand yuan ice cream machine and tens of thousands yuan ice cream machine.


First, the first is the taste of ice cream, because the manufacturing structure of the ice cream machine determines the taste of the ice cream machine. The roughness and fineness determine the quality of the ice cream machine. The finer the ice cream, the better the taste, the more expensive and rough the ice cream machine is. Ice cream machines are generally manufactured by ice cream machines that cost a few thousand dollars, and they are generally not loved by too many people.

BGJ-4A Ice Cream Filling Machine


As people’s requirements are getting higher and higher, there are also many requirements for the taste of ice cream. The degree of delicacy determines people’s purchases and promotes brand awareness. It is a great help, and it is also a point of improvement. So when choosing When it comes to ice cream machine, if we use it for business, chain stores, or for many people, we must choose a better ice cream machine, otherwise it will be cheap for a while, and the trouble will be irreversible for a lifetime.


Second, the core components used in the ice cream machine. The core components used in a good ice cream machine must be the most stable. Then the core components of the ice cream machine are the compressor, the chip control system, the intelligent display, the mixing system, and the evaporator. , Condenser, fan, and capillary tube (copper tube); the transmission system is composed of motor, transmission wheel, reducer, and mixing shaft, and the material bowl is fresh and refrigerated. Additional functions: puffing pump, keeping fresh at night, mixing in material bowl, etc. Common functions can basically meet the requirements of ice cream production. Generally, the compressor is the most expensive core component. A good compressor is usually tens of thousands of dollars.


Third, brand influence. If a brand is well-known, then it has a high standard for products. There is no shortage of orders. It focuses on user experience. It also focuses on running volume, and the price is reasonable. The company’s operating costs, The labor cost will increase, which means that the performance stability of the ice cream machine of the big brand is higher.

RXGJ-3 Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine


In summary, if the biggest difference is said, it must be based on the material. It cannot be said that the material is only a few hundred pieces and then sold for tens of thousands of pieces. There is also the research and development ability of core technology. This research and development ability determines the taste of ice cream. , Which is why I mentioned the taste of ice cream produced by the ice cream machine.


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