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Do you know where is the hometown of ice cream?
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Everyone who has watched the movie "Roman Holiday" has been captivated by the acting roles of the male and female protagonists. In the play, the beautiful scenery of Rome and the reverie of historical monuments, the romantic and cheerful Italian varieties have left a deep impression on us. In addition to its long culture, Italy is also an expert in gastronomy, so its various noodles and pizza are very popular among people all over the world. There is another food in Italy that is comparable to pizza noodles, and that is Italian ice cream.

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Ice cream has been loved by Westerners since its inception, and is basically an indispensable dessert for all formal banquets. At first, the variety of ice cream was quite single, generally only flavors such as cream and chocolate. With the improvement of science and technology, modern people can make almost any imaginable ice cream flavor.

Ice cream was invented by the Italians and improved by a priest in Sicily in the 16th century, perfecting its production technology. The tradition of making Italian art ice cream has also passed down from generation to generation. To this day, Sicily’s ice cream is still considered the best ice cream in Italy. People who have been to Italy and tasted the Italian ice cream culture are all amazed by its delicious flavor and exquisite appearance. It is not an exaggeration to say that Italian ice cream is a true work of art. In terms of production process, the pure formula is the secret weapon for making pure taste. No matter which ice cream, its formula will never contain any additives. McDonald's fast food culture is popular today. While coffee can also be made like a Starbucks assembly line, every Italian ice cream is always hand-made by a professional chef, which shows its extraordinary origins. Italian ice cream does not freeze very hard, the taste is delicate, light and silky, and the romantic feelings are endless.

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