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Factors affecting the puffing rate of ice cream
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There are many factors that affect the puffing rate of ice cream. It is difficult to define which factor is the most important independently, but generally it can be divided into two categories: ice cream equipment factor and raw material factor.

 ice cream equipment

1. Ice cream equipment factor


The most relevant factor in terms of ice cream equipment is whether the ice cream freezer machine can be pressurized. Most commercial ice cream equipment rely on gravity to feed, they have the open freezing cylinder and no air pump pressure device. This common type of small batch ice cream equipment, the yield of the ice cream is generally about 60% expansion rate. Through such ice cream equipment, no matter what brand and grade of ice cream powder, it is impossible to get more than 80% of the puffing rate of ice cream. Some large continuous type ice cream freezer machine and a few imported brands of commercial soft ice cream equipment, through the gear pump to transport the slurry, air pump to the airtight freezing cylinder pressurized, so that the ice cream slurry in the freezing process and more air to mix, thus can increase the expansion rate of ice cream. A pressurized ice cream freezer machine can adjust the puffing rate of ice cream over a wide range by adjusting the air pressure.


2. Raw material factor


Two parameters of raw material are closely related to the puffing rate: the content of solids in the ice cream paste and the ratio of emulsion stabilizer.The effect of ice cream powder on the puffing rate is also obvious under the same ice cream equipment and working conditions. But this effect is much smaller than the ice cream equipment factor. There are more than 15 kinds of emulsifiers and stabilizer monomers used in ice cream. Increasing the amount of emulsifying stabilizer can significantly improve the puffing rate without increasing the content of other solids. Some manufacturers had this idea. In order to reduce the cost of ice cream powder, reduce the use of high cost materials,such as milk powder, whey powder, and replace it with excessive thickener and stabilizer. Most of these additives are unfriendly to the taste of the ice cream, but when the ice cream is made, the lower temperature will obscure the unfriendly taste of the additives.


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