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High quality ice cream quick frozen tunnel of Danxiao Machinery
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In the hot summer, ice cream and other cold foods are popular among people, especially women and children. Consumers also put forward higher requirements for the appearance, shape and taste of ice cream.


The manufacturing of ice cream cooling tunnel freezing speed is too slow, which will produce rough ice crumbs and produce a sandy taste when eaten. This is because the concentration of each extracellular solution of ice cream tissue components is low. First, ice crystals are produced outside the cells. At this time, the water in the cells remains in a liquid phase. The vapor pressure of water at the same temperature is greater than that of ice. Under the action of the vapor pressure difference, the moisture in the cell moves to the outer ice crystals, forming larger ice crystals, and these ice crystals are unevenly distributed.

 SDA-980 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel

For this reason, most advanced production plants currently use ice cream quick frozen tunnels. The ice cream quick frozen tunnel length is generally 12~15m, the temperature in the tunnel is usually -35~-40, and the quick freezing time is 1h. If the ice cream is divided into small pieces, the ice cream will pass 30-50 minutes on the ice cream quick freezing tunnel , Its temperature can drop from about -5to -18~-20. Because the air flow is organized, the heat exchange efficiency is high, the temperature is low, and it can harden quickly, so the ice cream has a stable shape, small and uniform crystals, and a fine and smooth texture. In addition, the ice cream quick frozen tunnel has a high degree of automation, strong continuous operation and large output, so it has become the best choice for many ice cream manufacturers.


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