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How is ice cream produced
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In the hot summer, all kinds of cold drinks should be indispensable. In addition to the most common cold drinks, ice cream is also the most enduring one. Many people have eaten ice cream, but do you know how ice cream is produced? ? Take a look with me next.


Nowadays, the processing of ice cream is all handled by machines, which not only has high efficiency, but also guarantees more sanitation. However, there are many types of ice cream, so different ice creams have very different processing methods. They are most often used when they are young. Before making the jelly ice cream that is eaten, milk is poured into the ice cream mold, and then liquid jelly is poured into it.

Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine


After the two are mixed, put in ice cream sticks and quickly freeze, a piece of jelly ice cream is quickly formed, and the formed ice cream will be directly taken out and put into a transparent packaging bag. In this way, it can be produced in one minute There are hundreds of ice creams, and the production of those ice creams is even easier, because there is only one kind of main raw material, so you only need to pour the smoothies into the ice cream mold and insert the ice cream sticks to freeze it directly.


Because it is simple to make, it is also more efficient than the former. It can produce thousands of pieces in one minute. In the past, people may have worried about the hygiene of ice cream. Seeing this, I believe that there is no need to worry about it, because whether it is domestic In addition, ice cream is operated by modern assembly line equipment, which is not only efficient, but also cleaner.


Speaking of the production of ice cream assembly lines, we have to mention the Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel produced by our company. The ice cream quick-freezing channel is mainly suitable for making various shapes of ice cream in the frozen food industry. The production line can be used to make ice cream of different shapes, patterned cones, double layer ice cream, horizontal extrusion rotating ice cream and cake ice cream, etc.

Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel


If equipped with a robot, it can also be used to spread chocolate on the ice cream inside. Equipped with freezer, manipulator, and packaging machine, a complete set of production lines for the entire process of freeze forming, quick freeze hardening, manipulator clamping, automatic packaging machine discharge and packaging will be formed. The whole production process does not require manual operation, which is very convenient.


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