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How to store ice cream?
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The hotter the weather, the more we want to eat ice cream. Have you ever thought about how ice cream is stored in the hot summer?

In many stores, the ice cream freezing machine will be used, but the ice cream paste in the ice cream machine for a long time, the quality of the paste will be difficult to guarantee.

Poor quality can lead to poor taste, and more severe cases of food poisoning. However, it is difficult to grasp the specific time of manual operation to transfer the ice cream paste, and it is prone to accidents, and the operation must be in contact with the outside world, and the sanitary condition is difficult to guarantee.

Ice Cream Freezing Machine

This problem can be solved by the ice cream freezing machine of Wuxi Danxiao machinery co., ltd. The ice cream freezing machine of Wuxi Danxiao machinery co., ltd. has excellent quality, quality assurance, and meets international standards to ensure the hygiene of ice cream paste. At the same time that the hygiene is excellentthe ice cream freezing machine has high cooling rate, high air conditioning utilization rate and good energy saving effect. So it is the best place to store ice cream paste.

The ice cream freezing machine is equipped with specifically designed steamer so as to achieve the favorable effect of freezing and the steady quality of product. Moreover, the delivery pump of the ice cream freezing machine has the delivery speed modulated with transducer, so it is simple and reliable to operate. If appropriate delivery volume and discharge expansion valve are well adjusted, it can continuously make the high-quality soft ice creams characteristic of loose structure and delicate texture.

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