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How was the ice cream cone invented?
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There are many different varieties of ice cream, and ice cream cones are very popular. Today, let’s talk about ice cream cones. The following article will describe how the ice cream cone was invented. If you are interested, just read on.

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The inventor of the "ice cream cone" is an egg pancake stall owner. In 1904, at the Saint-Louis Fair, a man rented a stall to sell hot omelets, and he kept serving them on paper plates. One day, he ran out of paper plates. Because they were afraid of affecting his business, other people refused to sell him the paper plates. He had to sell the egg cakes directly to customers. As a result, all three ingredients in the egg cakes flowed to him. The customer's sleeve is up.


In desperation, he had to switch to selling ice cream, buying ice cream from a nearby stall at a discount, and then reselling it. However, his mind was thinking about how to deal with the remaining egg cake ingredients. Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind. The next day, he made 1,000 egg pancakes and flattened them with a piece of iron, then rolled these pancakes into cones and filled them with ice cream. Before noon that day, he sold out the 1,000 omelets with ice cream. Later, he specialized in the production of "ice cream cones" and became a wealthy businessman.


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