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Raw materials for ice cream production and processing
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As we all know, ice cream is made of milk or dairy products, sucrose as the main raw materials, adding eggs or egg products, emulsifiers, stabilizers, spices and other raw materials, and then mixing, sterilizing, homogenizing, maturing, freezing, forming, hardening and other processing processes. Soft and delicious frozen food. It has a strong fragrance, delicate structure, delicious taste and attractive color, and is rich in nutritional value. It is one of the popular cold drinks in the summer season.


Today in this article we will take a look at the raw materials and properties of ice cream processing.


1. Milk fat

Milk fat is an important component of ice cream, which is closely related to the strong flavor, the dryness and smoothness of the tissue, the strength of the body, and the shape retention. Ice cream with high fat content can reduce the amount of stabilizer. In the freezing process, the fat partially solidifies and inhibits crystallization, which can make the taste delicate, uniform and soft. At the same time, the milk fat foams, envelops the fine bubbles, increases the expansion rate, but tends to deteriorate the whipping performance.

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The fat in ice cream mainly comes from cow milk, cream, butter, whole milk powder, whole condensed milk and so on. When the fat content is 8%-12%, the flavor and texture of ice cream are good. If the fat content is lower than 8%, the taste will be flat, and if the fat content is higher than 14%, there will be strong fat odor.


2. Non-fat milk solids

Non-fat milk solids is the sum of solids in ice cream excluding fat, including protein, lactose, vitamins, minerals, etc. Non-fat milk solids usually contain 8%-11% in the mixture, which is mainly derived from cow milk, skimmed milk, buttermilk, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, condensed milk, concentrated milk, etc., which can eliminate the greasy feeling of fat and give ice cream The soft and round flavor prevents the growth of ice crystals, increases the consistency, and improves the shape and shape retention. Generally, when there is a lot of total solids, it is not easy to produce defects in the structure, but if it is too much, it will form a sticky and sandy structure.


3. Sugar

The sweetener of ice cream can be sucrose, glucose, invert sugar, fructose syrup and caramel, etc., but most of them use sucrose, the general addition amount is 13%-16%, high-grade ice cream 13%-15%, medium and low-grade ice cream 14%-1 16%, sherbet ice cream 17%-20%.

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If you want to use glucose, invert sugar and fructose syrup, the usage amount is generally 1/3-1/4 of that of sucrose. Sugar not only imparts sweetness to ice cream, but also lowers the freezing point, increases the viscosity of the mixture, and makes the mouthfeel smooth and well organized.


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