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Soft ice cream vs hard ice cream
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We all know that ice cream has soft and hard points. The soft ice cream melts in your mouth and has a delicate and smooth taste. The hard ice cream tastes very hard but not inferior to the smoothness. But apart from the taste, do you know the other differences between the two? Let's take a look together.


1. Different raw materials: soft ice cream is made with soft ice cream powder or ice cream slurry; hard ice cream is made with hard ice cream powder. Due to different ingredients, the two cannot be mixed.

2. The expansion rate is different: there is no hardening process in the production process of soft ice cream, and the expansion rate is 30%-60%. Generally, it can be made and sold by ice cream machine. The expansion rate of hard ice cream is 80%-100%, and the hardening molding is to facilitate packaging and transportation.

Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine


3. Different nutrition composition: Generally, a soft ice cream contains more (about 1.6 times) nutrition than a hard ice cream of the same volume; soft ice cream that has not been hardened will taste more smooth and mellow.


4. The freezing temperature is different: the center temperature of soft ice cream is about -5°C, and the center temperature of hard ice cream is about -15°C.


5. Different edible time: the soft ice cream is ready to be eaten when it comes out of the machine, or it can be mixed with other auxiliary materials in later stages. For example, sundae sauce can be used to make sundaes with different flavors, and various seasonings can be used to make blizzards. Ice cream, etc.; hard ice cream needs a hardening process before it can be eaten.

Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel


Whether it is soft ice cream or hard ice cream, it is a very delicious dessert. Of course, good ice cream also requires a good ice cream production machine. The Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel produced by Danxiao is mainly suitable for making various shapes of ice cream in the frozen food industry. The production line can be used to make ice cream of different shapes, patterned cones, double layer ice cream, horizontal extrusion rotating ice cream and cake ice cream, etc. If equipped with a robot, it can also be used to spread chocolate on the ice cream inside. Equipped with freezer, manipulator, and packaging machine, a complete set of production lines for the entire process of freeze forming, quick freeze hardening, manipulator clamping, automatic packaging machine discharge and packaging will be formed. The whole production process does not require manual operation, which is very convenient.


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