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Take you into the family history of ice cream
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Ice cream is a dessert that almost everyone loves. So why is it so popular? There are many reasons. First of all, sweets themselves can bring people happiness, and in summer, ice cream can also cool our body to avoid heat stroke. Second, the main ingredients of ice cream are milk, cream, eggs and sugar, so protein and energy are better. It adds a nutritious halo to the ice cream. Who wouldn't like food like this that integrates heat relief, healing, nutrition, and deliciousness?


Perhaps many people know that ice cream has many flavors and many brands, but do you know when ice cream first started? Where is the origin of ice cream? To love it is to understand it, so let's take a look at the past and present of ice cream together!

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To say that the earliest legend about ice cream in the world can be traced back to the time of Alexander's expedition to Egypt. On the expedition road, they encountered intense heat, and many soldiers fell from the heatstroke. The reduction of soldiers will greatly weaken the combat capability of the large troops. Anxious Alexander looked around and suddenly saw snow on the mountains. So he immediately ordered to go down to the mountain to fetch some snow. Alexander, who got the snow, taught the soldiers to put fruit juice in the snow and mix for consumption. In this way, the problem of heat stroke was solved.


Although the so-called "ice cream" at this time is not the ice cream we see today, it is also the embryonic form of ice cream. Let’s take a look at China. As early as the Tang Dynasty, "Lady Picture" had the shadow of ice cream. At that time, this kind of ice cream similar to today's ice cream was called "Sushan", and it was made of frozen goat milk or fermented milk. Yes, put some ghee on it and decorate it with some fruits and flowers. Overall, it already has the approximate appearance of today's ice cream.

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Later, someone used salt to solve the problem of separation of ice and milk in early ice cream. Later, people began to use some tools to make ice cream more dense and delicate. In this way, with generations of people constantly exploring the best way to make ice cream, ice cream with many flavors and rich textures is now available.


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