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What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?
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Where did gelato come from? What is the difference between the production method and taste of American ice cream? How to taste the real taste of Italian ice cream?


Wandering the cobblestone streets and alleys, the fragrance of freshly baked pizza is floating in the air. On the corner, a small gelato shop attracts tourists with colorful ice creams. This is the charm of Italy.


The beginning of deliciousness talks about the history of gelato, which can be traced back to Rome thousands of years ago. According to records, the Romans developed a way of eating ice with honey and brought ice culture to Italy. In the late 16th century, the Medici family commissioned the architect Bernardo Buontalenti from Florence to prepare a banquet in order to entertain the King of Spain. He prepared an ice product with salt, sugar, eggs and honey. This is the prototype of the gelato that is now well known, so Buontalenti is also considered the inventor of gelato. As the world of restaurants and business operators roamed, gelato also began to spread and become famous in Europe and around the world.

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The importance of air ratio Gelato and ice cream are similar but still a little different. Gelato's Chinese translation is Italian ice cream, while Ice cream refers to American ice cream. Gelato was brought to the United States by Italian immigrants in about 1770. Advances in technology also changed the way ice cream is made, marking the beginning of industrial ice cream production.


The ingredients of Italian and American ice cream are milk, cream and air. The difference is the ratio and mixing process.


First, sterilize the milk and cream in a pasteurizer, and then wait for the chemical effects to appear. The liquid mixture is constantly stirred and frozen, and at this stage, air is injected to create a smooth and dense mouthfeel. The difference between Italian and American ice cream lies in the air ratio.

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The air in ice cream is called "overrun" (expansion rate), which is the ratio of air infiltrated in the ice cream during freezing. For example, one liter of liquid is made into two liters of ice cream, and its expansion rate is 100% (the same proportion of air and liquid). The expansion rate of ice cream and industrial ice cream is usually high, reaching more than 100%, while the expansion rate of gelato is usually 30%. Therefore, gelato has a denser texture than American ice cream.


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