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The history of Chinese ice cream
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In the hot summer, what people look forward to most is eating delicious ice cream and resting in an air-conditioned room. When it comes to ice cream, most people think that it is a food imported from abroad. However, ice cream did originate in China. Where does this start? Today, Danxiao Machinery takes you back to history.


As early as 3000 years ago, people have learned to use ice to withstand the heat. However, the ice at that time was pure natural ice, and people had to collect and store ice cubes in winter. According to historical records, the grandson of King Zhou Wen was the official responsible for storing ice.


In the early days, people only knew how to obtain ice from nature, but did not know how to produce ice. However, in the Tang Dynasty, people discovered that saltpeter was placed in water for a period of time, and the water could freeze. At this time, some savvy businessmen discovered business opportunities and began to use this principle to make ice to cool people off. But people at that time just used ice and didn't find other uses for ice.

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In the Song Dynasty, merchants wanted to sell ice better in the summer. So they modified the ice. They first pressed some fresh fruit out of the juice, and then mixed the juice with ice. In this way, the appearance of the ice becomes more gorgeous, and the taste has been greatly improved. Sure enough, the sales increased greatly, which was also the embryonic form of the original "ice cream".


The development period of "Bing Qilin" was in the Yuan Dynasty. Marco Polo recorded in his "Oriental Information" that his favorite food when he was an official in the Yuan Dynasty was a kind of food called "Bing Ju". "Bing cheese" is the "ice cream" of the Yuan Dynasty. For the first time, people in the Yuan Dynasty mixed jam, milk, etc. with ice. This ice cream is soft and delicious and melts in the mouth, which is almost the same as modern ice cream.


As mentioned earlier, Marco Polo loves to eat "ice cheese." It is said that Marco Polo still remembers this kind of food when he returns to his country. So he asked to pass this technique to him so that he could eat it after returning home.

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In this way, the "ice cheese" technology was brought to Marco Polo's home country, Italy. The Italians naturally knew the preciousness of this technology, and kept the technology secret for hundreds of years. Later, France bought back the technology from Italy at a big price and passed it from France to Britain. The British call this "ice cheese" "ice cream".


I have to sigh with the wisdom of the ancients. The ancients started using the phenomenon from the most primitive and made all kinds of things beneficial to life. After the past generations of improvement, things that are accustomed to modern people's lives can be found. It was they who made civilization progress and praised the ancients.


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