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What is the production process of ice cream
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The manufacturing process of ice cream The manufacturing process of ice cream can be divided into the first and the second steps. The first part is mainly ingredients, homogenization, sterilization, cooling and maturation. The latter part is mainly freezing, forming and hardening.


1. Preparation of mixed base materials After calculating the various raw materials according to the formula, they are mixed in order according to the requirements of the processing technology. First, add the low-viscosity raw materials into the batching tank with the functions of sterilization, stirring, and cooling, such as cow milk, skimmed milk, and condensed milk. Then add water to the solid raw materials such as sugar, milk powder, emulsifier, etc. in another container and stir. Dissolve it completely, filter and pour it into a mixing tank to mix with milk. The batching temperature at this time is about 50°C.


2. Sterilization The sterilization of the mixture can be at 75-78°C for 15 minutes. Under the condition that the quality of ice cream is not affected, sterilization conditions of 75-76°C for 20-30 minutes can also be used. Sterilization should achieve the effect of killing pathogens, bacteria, molds and yeasts, so as to ensure that the mixed bacteria in the mixture are less than 50 per milliliter.


3. Homogenization In order to make ice cream products fine and smooth, stable and long-lasting, increase expansion rate, reduce ice crystallization, etc., it is very necessary to homogenize the mixture liquid. The temperature should not be too low or too high during homogenization.

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4. The purpose of maturation is to fully hydrate and swell materials such as protein, fat coagulum, stabilizer, etc., increase viscosity, make the mixture have good foamability, and help increase the expansion rate during freezing and stirring and shorten the freezing time.


5. Freezing Freezing is the intensive stirring of the mature mixed base material through the ice cream machine, mixing with air and freezing to make the product solidify into a semi-solid state, and obtain an ice cream product with fine and smooth tissue, good shape and high expansion rate. Pay attention to two links in production:

(1) The amount of air mixed in the freezing process while pressing a certain amount of air while stirring strongly, so that the air and tiny bubbles are evenly distributed in the entire mixture, which not only increases the volume of ice cream, but also improves the organization of the product state.


(2) Freezing temperature The texture of ice cream is related to the size of the ice crystals contained. Only when it freezes quickly can the ice crystals become fine. The continuous ice cream machine can make the water in the mixture form 5-10 micron crystals, making the product smooth and non-grainy. This requires that the outlet temperature of the ice cream machine should be -6-3.


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