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What are the complete equipments for automatic ice cream production line
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Equipped with ice cream freezing machine, ice cream manipulator, ice cream packaging machine, it has formed a set of from freezing extrusion molding, freezing hardening, manipulator clamping, unloading, automatic packaging machine packaging, so as to form a complete set of production line. The entire production process is basically without manual operation, it provides good hygiene conditions for food production.

1. Ice cream freezing machine

Ice-cream freezing machine is the ideal equipment for large-scale continuous soft ice-cream production. The machine has independent refrigeration system. It adopts imported parts and components and selects imported compound freezing medium with advantages of high efficiency and low energy consumption. Ice-cream freezing machine has special evaporator with fine refrigeration effect and stable product quality. The pneumatic pump for material transport selects imported frequency transformation to regulate transporting speed. After regulating proper charge and discharging expansion valve, it can produce high-quality soft ice-creams continuously.

2. Ice cream manipulator

Cone ice-cream Manipulator is configured for SDA and DTB series Ice-cream quick frozen tunnel, which is suitable for surface chocolate coating of ice cream, like torch, cone. This pick up unit is fully servo control, with functions of cone ice cream automatic grab. Ice-cream Manipulator picks up ice creams out from the quick frozen tunnel and put them on the plates, overturn of the plates make ice creams to be chocolate-coated and outlet to the conveyor of packing machine automatically, achieved the production of cone ice cream full automation.

Ice Cream Manipulator

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