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The reason ice cream equipment frozen cylinder
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In the use of ice cream equipment , especially the initial use of ice cream equipment, there often appear a problem that ice cream equipment frozen cylinder.

 Ice cream freezing machine

There are the reason for the ice cream equipment frozen cylinder:


1. The ice cream paste should not contain too much water. Too much water is easy to freeze. If it freezes, it will naturally cause ice cream equipment to freeze the cylinder. So please strictly according to the proportion of size.


2. There is a big difference in the amount of ice cream produced on both sides of the freezing cylinder and it is easy to appear frozen cylinder phenomenon. How to avoid it? if two flavors are the same, squeeze a few ice creams out of the less productive outlet and pour them into the more productive side of the storage tank. If it is a different taste, you need to try to keep the production balance when selling.


3 After cleaning the ice cream equipment, the water in the mixing tank is not put clean, this situation is also very easy to cause freezing phenomenon.


4. The storage cylinder has no slurry, but the ice cream equipment is still in refrigeration. At this time, it is very easy to freeze the cylinder. Please be sure to refill at any time.


5. Ice cream is not produced for a long time, and the ice cream equipment is constantly cooling which is also very easy to cause the phenomenon of freezing. How to avoid it? if no ice cream is produced for more than 30 minutes, please stop the ice cream equipment or produce some ice cream and pour it back into the corresponding storage tank.


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