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The production process of 3 kinds of ice cream
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Almost every people like the ice cream, and there are a lot of types of ice cream made by ice cream equipment. Which type do you like best? The popsicle ice cream? The soft ice cream? Or the cone Ice cream? There always one you like in these different types of ice cream equipment. Today, we are going to talk about the production process of 3 kinds of ice cream.

 stick ice cream machine

First we should know about the normal ice cream production process:

1. Cooling / aging process, The essence lies in the hydration of fats, proteins and stabilizers.

2. Freezing process, it is to freeze the mixture under forced stirring, so that the air is evenly distributed in the entire mixture.

3.Quick freezing, hardening and storage, it is is to quickly freeze the ice cream from the freezer to low temperature to fix the structure of the ice cream and complete the process of forming very fine ice crystals in the ice cream.


But different kinds of ice cream equipment also have different production process.

The biggest difference between popsicles ice cream and soft ice cream is that they are not puffed and frozen directly, and their fat and protein content is far less than ice cream. Cone ice cream are made from a mixture of sugar, flour and milk to create a crispy crust.


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