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Complete production process of ice cream
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The production process of ice cream mainly includes several processes such as inspection of raw materials, mixing and sterilization of ingredients, homogenization, cooling and aging, freezing, forming and filling, quick freezing, hardening and storage.
These processes must be completed in accordance with certain technical conditions; otherwise, products of good quality cannot be produced.

We know that refrigeration equipment plays a vital role in the production and storage of ice cream. But which specific processes require refrigeration equipment, and what are the requirements for refrigeration equipment in each process?

Cooling / aging process
Aging is also called "mature" or "maturation". It is to refrigerate the mixture at a low temperature of 2 to 4 ° C for 4 to 24 hours. The essence lies in the hydration of fats, proteins and stabilizers. The increase of the viscosity of the material liquid is beneficial to the increase of the expansion rate during freezing and stirring. The aging time is related to the temperature of the feed liquid, the composition of the raw materials and the type of stabilizer. Care must be taken to avoid contamination during the aging process. Aging must be strictly sterilized in advance to ensure the hygienic quality of ice cream.

Freezing process
The freezing process is to freeze the mixture under forced stirring, so that the air is evenly distributed in the entire mixture. The ice cream mixture is cooled by the action of the refrigerant, the temperature decreases, the viscosity increases, and it gradually becomes thicker and becomes a semi-solid, that is, frozen state. The device is constantly stirred and cooled, and the air gradually mixes in when it freezes to expand its volume. The ice cream has a beautiful organization and perfect shape.
The freezing temperature is -2 to -4 ° C. The freezing time of intermittent freezers is 15 to 20 minutes. The temperature of the ice cream discharge is generally -3 to -5 ° C. -5 ~ -6 ℃, continuous freezing must always check the expansion rate, so as to control the appropriate amount of air in and out.

Quick freezing, hardening and storage
The purpose of quick freezing and hardening is to quickly freeze the ice cream (-3 ~ -5 ° C) from the freezer to low temperature (-23 ° C) to fix the structure of the ice cream and complete the process of forming very fine ice crystals in the ice cream. Keep its organization with proper hardness, ensure the quality of ice cream, and facilitate sales, storage and transportation. Quick-freezing and hardening can use quick-freezing warehouse (-23 ~ -25 ℃) or quick-freezing tunnel (-35 ~ -40 ℃).

Generally, the hardening time is 10-12 hours in the quick-freezing warehouse. If the quick-freezing tunnel is used, the time will be much shorter, only 30-50 minutes. The frozen ice cream is not softened. If it is poured into a container and then hardened, it becomes a hard ice cream.

Complete ice cream production always requires these processes to produce ice cream in various forms. Danxiao Machinery will continue to share the wonderful process of ice cream production.
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