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Are there any safety risks of ice cream?
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According to the results of spot inspection on cold drinks conducted by the quality supervision bureau in the past, the safety problems of ice cream made by ice cream equipment are mainly manifested in the illegal use of additives or harmful substances, the use of unqualified raw materials, and the microbial contamination caused by improper processing technology. The total number of colonies and the number of coliforms exceeded the standard.

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Microbial contamination

1. Including the purchase of raw materials such as milk powder with excessive number of bacterial colonies and coliform bacteria due to greed for cheap or lax inspection.

2. Although the raw materials purchased by some enterprises meet relevant standards, they are contaminated by mold due to poor storage.

3. Sterilization process, such as the temperature and time of sterilization does not meet the requirements, may also cause e. coli or pathogenic bacteria to exceed the standard.


Gelatin problem

In fact, gelatine is very common in ice cream made by ice cream equipment. Besides gelatine, carrageenan and Arabic gum are also used frequently. They can increase the viscosity and stability of the product. Some of these gums come from seaweed extracts, such as AGAR AGAR and carrageenan; Some come from orange peels and apple juice, like pectin; Some come from plant seeds, such as Arabic gum, guar gum, and locust gum, a food-grade thickener. No studies have yet shown that eating gelatin is a health hazard, but the illegal addition of industrial gelatin, for example, is another matter.


Excessive margarine

Cream is also one of the important ingredients of ice cream made by ice cream equipment, accounting for more than 30% of the total solids. Since ice cream made by ice cream equipment is kept for more than a year (usually 18 or 24 months), adding stable hydrogenated vegetable oil is the best way to prevent fat oxidation. Many countries have banned the production of hydrogenated oil, but there is a certain gap in the supervision of China. About 90 percent of ice cream made by ice cream equipment and 80 percent of margarines on the market were found to contain trans fats, according to the study. In addition, sweet element and other sweeteners such as lemon yellow and other excessive use of pigment is also a safety risk of ice cream made by ice cream equipment.


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