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The working principle of ice cream fruit feeder
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We can add many other things into ice cream. But do you know how we add fruit and what kind of ice cream equipment we used? The answer is the ice cream fruit feeder. If we want to make ice cream more interesting, this ice cream fruit feeder is one of the important part of ice cream production. Today, we are going to talk about the working principle of ice cream fruit feeder.

 fruit feeder

The ice cream fruit feeder consists of two main units, separately driven:
1. Hopper and dosing screw
The hopper is equipped with an agitator which ensures a constant supply of ingredients to the screw mounted at the bottom of the hopper. The dosing screw meters the ingredients into the inlet of the feed pump. 
2. Lamella feed pump
The feed pump consists of a lamella feed-wheel where the lamellas form the cavities by means of which the ingredients are drawn into the ice cream stream coming from the continuous freezer. The lamellas provide the sealing between the ambient and the ice cream. Once the lamellas reach the ice cream stream during the rotation of the feed wheel, the lamellas are retracted into the wheel thereby leaving the ingredients in the ice cream. The speed of the wheel is stepless variable by means of a potentiometer controlling the main motor.


Further mixing is carried out by the in-line mixer.


The ice cream fruit feeder of Danxiao machinery can connect with freezer; the lamella pump can feed the materials stablely. The dosing screw is drived by motor, the lamella pump can be adjusted by controlling the transducer. The inner blender can put all kinds of fruit bits into the ice cream paste in a very stable speed. The whole machine adopt stainless steel material and easy to clean. The controlling board can control all the functions of the machine. The ice cream fruit feeder has a compact structure and easy to install. Just come and contact with us!

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